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Here's one of those days when I feel like "it" (and what other "it" could I be talking about) was worth it. When people actually play and actually design, and put some thought into what others may have thought or done. When they care more about those things than about new hotness or hordes of backers.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
26 Aug 2020

Apologies for the buzzword ...

The idea here was to examine our respective region when we encountered role-playing, and to think about how role-playing got there, and in what form. It's only four people, representing two slightly different parts of Califoria divided as well by about six years (mid-70s vs. early 80s), the Netherlands at about the same time, and Argentina during the 1990s.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
26 Aug 2018

It's not a metaphor. I'm talking about D&D as religion, not merely "religious" as a colorful synonym for "passionate." This is Finding D&D, Part 2, addressing TSR as orthodoxy and the resulting construction of culture and values.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
08 Mar 2018