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Yes, the title is clickbait. It's merely a pun on the game we're talking about ... or does this topic turn out to address the loaded role-playing hobby term after all? You decide.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
29 Dec 2021
Games: The Pool

Sean Hillman and I met to talk about his game, or proto-game, just notes really, Empire of the Dragon Lotus. For me it's a callback to about ... fifteen years ago, into the hothouse of the Forge and Sean's participation there. I think his original notes on the game from back then are in one of my stacked piles of papers.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
13 Mar 2020

The mystic world heard my cry, evidently, and has delivered a glowy burst of conversations about what dice do, especially when rolled in profusion. This time I have the pleasure of talking with Ben Milton, in an almost completely unconstructed, non-interview-like chat just because we like these dice things.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
27 Mar 2019

I rarely get the chance to dig right into one of my most favored and preferred role-playing mechanics, the dice pool. Notwithstanding that I have yet to discover a reasonable description of what any such thing is, meaning, in a defining sense, applicable to various versions.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
19 Feb 2019