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I first encountered mention of Bushido during the late 1970s, in an unsympathetic review in some gaming magazine. This and similar reviews led, at least in my experience, to a widespread perception that the game was impossibly detailed, demanding, and finicky, in both setting and mechanics. However, if I'd managed ever actually to see a copy, which I didn't, I'd have known differently.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
06 Feb 2022
Games: Bushido

I love this quote from The Mountain Witch: "All conflict is a form of combat." For Justin Nichols' Kinfolk, the issue is that he's got a big whole-game arc of whether the invading industrials can be successfully repelled or otherwise stopped by the fey folk ... and sure, you can make a chapter structure, and sure, you can think of points that accumulate through lower-scale actions and fights ...

Posted by: Ron Edwards
30 Jun 2020
Games: Kinfolk

Previously: Planets Collide.

Posted by: John St. Gaptooth
01 Mar 2019

The dungeon, which in this particular spin we're calling vortices, is a dead psionic guy's mind. For three characters who got their asses kicked, they did in fact revise and re-set the entire premise of my setup, through a number of roll-requiring actions, some of them judicious and some not-entirely-on-purpose.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
05 Feb 2018