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Last week I had a chance to try out The Sundered Land with some friends, and more specifically the mini-game A Doomed Pilgrim in the Ruins of the Future. I don't want to speak for everyone - on the contrary, I hope that anyone who wishes to do so will add their contribution - but I found the idea of a game that welcomed such a large number of participants satisfying and intriguing.

Posted by: Karaburan
13 Apr 2022

Having played Forge: Out of Chaos for over a year, Jon, Sean, and I decided to put the game temporarily on the shelf and take up another fantasy heartbreaker. I’m now running Robert Bartels’ Fifth Cycle, and we had our first session this week.

Posted by: robowist
17 Dec 2021
Games: Fifth Cycle

Recorded on Wednesday, September 23, 2020
This is an in-depth look at the Adept Play website and at Adept Press. This lengthy interview opens with an overview of the site and its features, then moves into specific examples of how those features are put to use:

Welcome - Actual Play - Seminar - Consulting 

Posted by: Runeslinger
25 Sep 2020

On Monday, my partner and I played our fourth session of Champions Now. This is our fourth or fifth series of twosies together, games that have included PBTA (not my favorite for one-on-one), narrative OSR Trophy Gold, and (our favorite) Spire: The City Must Fall.

Posted by: noah
24 Jun 2020
Games: Champions Now

Here some examples of how we've been applying special effects in our game of Champions Now, set in Seattle during Spring and Summer of 2020.

Posted by: AlanRB
04 Jun 2020
Games: Champions Now

I've just had a session of Champions Now where a villain was knocked to 0 knockout. The players, being in control of the field for the moment, just blasted him a second time to ensure he did not wake up. Is that kosher by the rules? How is the rules about recovering the first time but not the second supposed to play out? It seems one can only really take advantage of the first waking up if your opponents are distracted. How does it play in your games?

Posted by: AlanRB
13 May 2020
Games: Champions Now

For the past year and a half, I’ve been running a meetup group in my town for roleplaying games. Every few weeks, we run one-shot events intended to be accessible for new players. I’ve introduced a few people to roleplaying games, and many people to indie games.

Posted by: badspeler
25 Apr 2020

I'm doing an actual play of Champions Now called Big Damn Hero. It's about powers being a blessing and a curse and takes place around the Witness Security program in Spokane, WA. The title hero is a super-villain turned state's evidence and put in the WitSec program. 

Posted by: MadJay
18 Apr 2020
Games: Champions Now

This past year, I dipped my toe into recording some actual play sessions. My initial efforts were primitive, relying on technology that has basically been retired. For example, for online play, I used Hangouts On-Air, which basically allowed me to have a Google Hangout conference call which would be recorded on Youtube.But Hangouts On-Air is now a thing of the past, and it was somewhat primitive in terms of editing capabilities.

Posted by: robowist
04 Dec 2019

I always thought I was a pretty good GM until I watched myself GM this game. 

Brand new actual play episode for MYTHIC D6!
We play Twice as Bright from the MYTHIC D6 Adventure Anthology.

Posted by: Jerry D. Grayson
04 Sep 2019
Games: Mythic D6