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S/Lay w/Me Art & Play Gallery

If you’ve played the game, fill out this form: SWM Questionnaire and contract
Send it to me at It will be posted below.

If you’re an artist, click on one of the “hero” links below – it includes a contract and the author’s contact information. The contract states the money offered, you state how many pictures you will draw and whether payment occurs before or after, you sign it, save it to your hard drive, email it to the author, and after further negotiations if any, then the author signs it. If you and an author complete the sign/countersign process, then you draw that many pictures for the indicated payment and send screen-view versions to me. The art will be posted here.

Heroes ready for art
Hover on a link to see a single phrase; click for the contract and full adventure descriptions

Maura’s scholar
art by Ed Heil
Knight of the Order of the Basilisk (Ron)

Glavni Kolodvor (Christoph)

Vashe, no longer Baron (Ron)
art by Tyler Sowles

Suki (Hans)
art by Adam Black
Yun-Hai (Brendan)

Heraldo (Joe)

Typin (Tim)
art by Ram Hull
Ron’s defiant apprentice

Here’s the FAQ! If you have further questions, email me. This project and page are totally in development, and most of the functions will eventually be automated without all this tedious emailing.

Thanks for dropping by!
Adept Press doesn’t take a cut of the money paid to the artists who’ve contributed here. Please consider donating $10 to keep the gallery page breathing.

S/Lay w/Me