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What is this table-top role-playing thing? How does it work, what does it do, what kind of designs do which things? I've got some ideas, and so do you. This is where we talk about it - like this!

Some of my posts here present a concept, game title, or a historical hobby event for discussion in the comments, so join in with a will. You'll also find interviews and conversations.

I'm also recording what I guess I call "labs," which are organized and prepared at the Patreon. I run them on Mondays using Discord, and anyone pledging there can participate when they feel like it.

I've run into a few conversational speedbumps lately, nothing adversarial, which nevertheless put me in an adversarial frame of mind.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
13 May 2021

I wanted to post up some probabilities for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. After I asked on Discord, Tommi generously crunched the numbers for me. You can view the spreadsheet he built (and lots of other game-related stuff) at his blog.

Posted by: noah
11 May 2021

A group of us have been discussing underground environments over at the Adept Play Discord server, and some interesting insights and questions have been raised. We arrived at a critical mass of comments where it seemed prudent to move the discussion over to this site for the sake of deepening (pun intended) the discussion, widening the audience, and preserving the ideas for posterity.

Posted by: robowist
29 Apr 2021

There is a problem over there, and since we have arrived, we can say "there is a problem here." We may resolve it nicely, we may resolve it fairly, we may resolve it cooperatively, but resolve it we will, and if none of the above work, we will do whatever it takes anyway. The latter option is very definitely something we are good at, which is bad for anyone who opposes us. For we are right and you are wrong.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
21 Apr 2021

Recently I've been playing some more Dungeon World, this time as a player, kind of coaching an unexperienced GM through the game (it unfortunately requires this, due to the numerous unclarified rules). We're at our fifth session and we've started to really hit it off a couple of sessions ago. Me and the GM often have really nice post-game reflections and the topic of "game as a musical instrument" came up.

Posted by: FroggyC
23 Mar 2021
Games: Dungeon World

DragonQuest Second Edition Cover (1982)

As part of the discussion on Discord about looking at “OSR” games, I visited an old friend.

Back in the  early 80s, I GMed perhaps 100 sessions of DragonQuest 2nd edition. I've just been combing through those old rules and I've found some interesting elements.

Posted by: AlanRB
24 Feb 2021

I'm not quite as cool as the fire guy in the picture, but almost, perhaps. This week brings in the last sessions of the five-session courses I'm teaching for Giano Academy (see the banner item at the top right). This time it was two sections of the same course, "Introduction to Design."

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Feb 2021

There are a lot of great games happening among participants at Adept Play right now.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
07 Feb 2021

I consider myself bilingual in Italian and English, and fluent in both languages. I think bilingually, which really is not that impressive, as it just means I’m crap at both and end up coming up with an expression in one language when I’m speaking the other one.

Posted by: FroggyC
21 Jan 2021

For anyone interested, I recorded a video chat I had with Sean about his experiences with Rolemaster (and mine, such as they were). This came about because he had talked about Rolemaster in the recent probability seminar, and I took note -- my play of the game in college was fairly unmemorable, but the game itself has a long-enduring fascination, and I've often thought about trying to do more with it.

Posted by: Rod_A
21 Jan 2021