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What is this table-top role-playing thing? How does it work, what does it do, what kind of designs do which things? I've got some ideas, and so do you. This is where we talk about it - like this!

Some of my posts here present a concept, game title, or a historical hobby event for discussion in the comments, so join in with a will. You'll also find interviews and conversations.

I'm also recording what I guess I call "labs," which are organized and prepared at the Patreon. I run them on Mondays using Discord, and anyone pledging there can participate when they feel like it.

Not to be too "100th monkey" about this, but there is a noticeable critical mass phenomenon showing up here, as more people take the courses and they continue to interact through play and discussions. I think this whole endeavor is achieving more in just a few months than anything else I've done regarding role-playing in the past couple of decades.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
10 Aug 2022

These are some very think-y questions! Including a lot about beasts and monsters.

I want to clarify some things about my response to Sean. First, here are the three "roots" of critical hits in text. They're not intended to be in order, as I think they were simultaneous at this scale of history:

Posted by: Ron Edwards
05 Aug 2022

Remember all those interviews a couple of months ago! This was another in the same time-batch, and believe me, especially since the Thirteenth Floor interview from the previous year was released then as well, I was getting very boggled about who asked what and what I'd said in each. With any luck, you can forgive any redundancy you'll find in this one and enjoy whatever I managed to utter that's specific to it.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
02 Jul 2022

For the last few months, I've invited patrons to ask me things, which I grapple with and collect as a presentation at the beginning of each month..

I can't say I really answer them in an Ask Advice fashion, although you'll certainly learn what I think. Sometimes it's "I don't know."

Posted by: Ron Edwards
02 Jul 2022

Next term is ready to go! Three courses as follows: five weeks; one two-hour session per week, hence five sessions; meeting time 20:00-22:00 CET (Sweden time); single fee per course is 1250 SEK (1000 + 25% VAT).

Posted by: Ron Edwards
05 Jun 2022

I've finally caught up on interviews! This one is recent, conducted/presented at Twitch at March 29, just a few days ago. It's part of a series on influential or notable game designers and publishers, and at some point, clearly, someone blew a fuse and included me.

Here's the link at Twitch TV.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
04 Apr 2022

I don't know if it has anything to do with Adept Play as such, but I've been receiving a steady arrival of interview requests for a while - even or mostly, for some reason, from people I don't know even a little. I like it, mysterious as its cause may be.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
20 Mar 2022

A lot of interviews showed up recently. For this one, I was contacted by Nune, who is studying entrepeneurship in Rotterdam. (rhymes with "rune," one syllable)

His questions included what does it mean to be a role-playing publisher, what do you have to contend with, what should you consider, and especially, the term he used, market segmentation. That last is the part that we didn't get to, but set the context to ask sensible questions about it.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
10 Mar 2022

During the “Playing with the pool” curriculum, we had a discussion about what “setting” is and is not. What it is: the effect of playing in-game situations. What it’s not: the body of lore written by various people outside of play.

Posted by: Greg
28 Feb 2022

My thoughts on teaching are taking a new form. I began designing courses since just before starting Adept Play, but hadn't settled on a format until Giano Academy contacted me. Their required structure helped a lot. Five two-hour sessions seems very brief to me, but for internet and practical reasons, it's actually really good as the minimum possible. It also forces me to focus quite hard, always a good thing.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
26 Feb 2022