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The last three and a half months have been full of funny, heartbreaking and just plain fun roleplaying (D&D 4e, Marvel Super Heroes, S/lay w/Me, and Sorcerer).

Posted by: noah
23 Jul 2022

Adriano is remarkably good at locations and sensory impressions of play. If someone had said to me, "Sengoku Japan! Samurai and guns! With robots!" I would have groaned and likely found something else to do. But this is not that. The day our characters spent working as corpse-handlers, socializing and philosophizing, is high on my list of favorite moments of the game so far.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
16 Apr 2022

This post continues from Our first Hunt, which despite its name includes two Hunts, featuring my character Hazard, Noah's Lilith o'Bedlam, and Alessio's Grey Witch. We really wanted more Stalkers, that is, more players, so our latest session, and new Hunt, adds the Mask, played by Pedro.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
03 Mar 2022

Back to the Vault! In this case, as GM'd by Adriano, who is going all-out in terms of locations for our Stalkers' hunting. I'm not sure what to tell you here except that our characters are also hitting hard right out of the gate - Lilith o'Bedlam (Noah), the Grey Witch (Alessio), and Hazard (me) - which I've generally found to be the case for this game. I've attached my information here and will add the others' if they wish.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
08 Dec 2021

Follow-up to this post, June 30, 2020

Posted by: Ron Edwards
14 May 2020

The Whispering Vault is a special game for me, as, along with Over the Edge, it significantly influenced me to shift into role-playing design at all and, more so than OtE, provided crucial play-experience during the creation of Sorcerer. I like to describe it as the 1990s' best unknown horror game, and better than most picks for the known ones.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
20 Sep 2019

The mystic world heard my cry, evidently, and has delivered a glowy burst of conversations about what dice do, especially when rolled in profusion. This time I have the pleasure of talking with Ben Milton, in an almost completely unconstructed, non-interview-like chat just because we like these dice things.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
27 Mar 2019

Psychopomp is another of the many initial/proto game designs that Justin is musing over and playtesting, and he wanted to make sure it got into the scorching too. I had to think pretty hard about how to go into it, because it fits so strongly into a particular aesthetic and an existing set of variables, that I couldn't see any way to address it "on its own." So I took a risk, setting the whole conversation as a series of comparisons with existing games.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
03 Mar 2019