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These things can take a lot out of me sometimes. Christoffer and James earn respect and probably sympathy for triggering highly motivated position pieces, and with any luck their actual questions receive replies too.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
05 Nov 2022

It's been a very full six months for reconnecting to the physical and social activities here in Norrköping. Getting to GothCon turned out to be too demanding, but otherwise, I participated in various ways at Närcon (spring), Lincon, a service/play event for Ukrainian kids, Närcon (summer), Augustifesten, and just now, Kulturnatten. Only some of it was focused on Adept Play particularly, but that has turned out surprisingly well.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
23 Oct 2022

Here’s one of many things I’ve been up to during the past two or three months. This is a Tunnels & Trolls game played at Spelens Hus begun as a family group, a dad and two pre-teen/early teen sons; we met during Augustifesten during my “learn about role-playing” presentation there. It’s our second game; we began with a few sessions of The Pool first which I’ll write about in another post some time.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
20 Oct 2022

We had our first player character death in Tunnels & Trolls last night.


Posted by: Jon Hastings
21 Aug 2021

Here's another reflection on a game session at Lincon, this one being Drakar och Banan (Dragons and Banana). I confess I don't know who wrote it or how you can get it, so anyone who does, please provide the info.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
14 Jun 2019

The mystic world heard my cry, evidently, and has delivered a glowy burst of conversations about what dice do, especially when rolled in profusion. This time I have the pleasure of talking with Ben Milton, in an almost completely unconstructed, non-interview-like chat just because we like these dice things.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
27 Mar 2019

Finding D&D, part 4! This one is scaring me. Remember how I warned that the one about fundamentalism and the OSR wouldn't be insulting? I fear this one can't say the same, and even if it doesn't go too far, I know it's going to gore a lot of oxen.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
05 Apr 2018