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Jon, Sean, and I are about a dozen sessions into Fifth Cycle, and we’re going to continue carrying on with the game. But we’re also reassessing some key aspects of the combat system, and I’ve proposed some changes to oil the wheels and to improve the game in terms of pacing, magic use, and mechanics. I’m importing some ideas from The Fantasy Trip, and if you’re interested in diving into specifics, I've pasted them below.

Posted by: robowist
01 Jun 2022

Over the last couple of days I played the solo game Thousand Year Old Vampire. Attached to this post you will find two documents. The first document represents what the character looked like after setup. The second document contains what the character looked like by the time the game was over. The second document is highly annotated so you can see what happened when.

Posted by: Jesse Burneko
28 Feb 2022