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At one point my wife said, in reference to having powerful roleplaying experiences, “seeing is believing…and only seeing is believing.” She meant that you can talk all the RPG theory you want, but that ultimately if you haven’t experienced it at the table, you couldn’t really get it. Ron has mentioned (or despaired?) about this from time to time, and after a lot of thinking Jann and I decided to produce a product that could do exactly this.

Posted by: Zac
19 Sep 2022

Given the ambitious purpose of Tales of Round Table, it's useless merely to read and opine about it - one has to do it. But then again, given that the purpose concerns first-time and, preferably, entirely naive users, perhaps any of us "trying it out" is compromised past the point of utility. I'm not that far down the road, but clearly, as distinctly not the target audience as I am, it's risky to present a personal conclusion as genuinely informed.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
21 Nov 2019

Patrons will recognize Zac Porcu as the instigator and interlocutor in the huge discourse on role-playing that made available to them a few years ago, and viewers here may recall the Sorcerer Musik game that he and Jann played in. He and Jann are now working on a role-plyaing game composed of easily-used cards transported in a small, nice-looking box.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
22 Oct 2019