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Here's a good chance to see some or a lot of what I don't know.

Topics include some Sorcerer mechanics, academia, early TSR games, a notable slightly-later TSR game, a whole branch of RPG publishing in a single company, and a real conceptual conundrum.

The discussion from the Patreon is attached, so take a look if you'd like. The dialogue with John turned into a screen conversation, so if that turns out to be publicly shareable, I'll include it here later.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
02 Oct 2022

A small group I'm a part of recently passed the GM buck to me, and I said I wanted to run Sorcerer, which I've been away from for a while but enjoyed immensely. The new setting is Victorian England, and I'm currently trying to guide the group through character creation, which I've had difficulties with before.

Posted by: Pontiff Computer God
28 Aug 2022
Games: Sorcerer

Very long time couple of non roleplayers friends wanted to play a rpg, and got into vampire with one of their friends, last year. I asked them a few month ago how it went.

Posted by: Greg
26 Aug 2022

Ron’s Numeracy course puts an important focus on the fact that:

Posted by: Greg
21 Aug 2022

The last three and a half months have been full of funny, heartbreaking and just plain fun roleplaying (D&D 4e, Marvel Super Heroes, S/lay w/Me, and Sorcerer).

Posted by: noah
23 Jul 2022

What CrAIyon thinks a spooky sliding glass door looks like at nightWhile reading the Annotated Sorcerer rulebook this evening, I came across the phrase “here and now” again: the default “setting” for Sorcerer. And I had a sudden flashback.

It is the summer of 1998, and I am GMing an ongoing GURPS game for some close friends and a rotating cast of friends-of-friends who want to give it a try.

Posted by: John St. Gaptooth
21 Jul 2022
Games: Sorcerer, GURPS
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Here a game of Sorcerer I am playing with Rod Anderson and Jon Hastings. I'm GMing and following the instructions in the Sorcerer and Sword supplement to create a Howardesque fantasy setting. Attached are PDFs of the setting document I used to launch the game, along with the PDFs of their chracters, including context wheels. I'll talk more about the game later in the comments and also post links to our subsequent sessions as we complete them. 

Posted by: AlanRB
16 May 2022

I just held session-1 of a Sorcerer game with a small group of old friends.  They're all new to Sorcerer and have only played a handful of other indie games.  This was the character generation session, and it went so very well!  We're all really excited for the game to come.

Posted by: John Willson
11 Feb 2022
Games: Sorcerer

During December, I asked patrons if they wanted to throw me some questions, especially pretty specific to games that I've published or perhaps know well enough to say anything about. The idea was to collect a few and make a little video response, to be posted and discussed at the Patreon.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Feb 2022

About when I think it's time to retire the old email for good, as it mostly delivers spam whose algorithm is clearly confused, someone uses it for the only reason anyone should. Ransom contacted me to ask some questions about Sorcerer which led to this conversation. They were pretty deep questions, including positions regarding the occult and general thematic or intentional issues.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
07 Dec 2021