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So I wanted to try a dungeon crawl with the Pool, for a couple of reasons. One is that in general, I want to see how simple a rules system you can get to “do the job”, in a satisfying way; another is I just wanted to play around with the Pool and see what I could get it to do. 

Posted by: Dreamofpeace
11 May 2022
Games: The Pool

We're six sessions into the game first described in Bad doings in Bulwark, set in the fictional city of that name, continuing with the misadventures of (1) gangster widow and former cult member Gratitude and (2) and shaky, increasingly shady white-collar schnook Willy. Their troubles lie in the rising political star of one Amos Zag.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
30 Apr 2022
Games: The Pool

We move on to the third and last species-specific story (or sequence or whatever you want to call it) for the Galactic Peace game, now concerning the Hive/Hivers. Jerry is of course revisiting his character from the initial story set during the peace conference, Hiver, and Helma is playing her new character Hiver, and Renee is playing hers, Hiver.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
22 Apr 2022
Games: The Pool
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We finished our game of the Pool set in an alternate magical/fantasy Napoleonic era India/Afghanistan. We played 18 sessions.

Posted by: Jon Hastings
06 Apr 2022
Games: The Pool

This game of The Pool began with the peace conference as presented at Galactic peace Pool, in which the player-characters were various aliens conceived by the players: the Avix, the Murkcap, and the Hive. That was four sessions. We decided to continue playing by focusing on each of those alien species to see what happened among them after the conference.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
19 Mar 2022
Games: The Pool

Jon made the mistake of musing online about playing The Pool with a Sin City, To Live and Die in L.A., Haven: City of Violence way, and like two predators spotting the straggler, Sam and I struck. Jon's introductory sheet is attached, and so are our starting characters, created after reading it.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Mar 2022
Games: The Pool

So you can consider this a follow-up to my earlier post describing nuances in and action gaming with the Pool. I had the chance to try out my ideas with a couple of excellent players. The backdrop to the game was a “Demon Hunter” idea, set in contemporary times in my home city of Seattle. I was going for a kind of Dresden Files/Monster of the Week feel, so urban fantasy.

Posted by: Dreamofpeace
27 Feb 2022

I have had a fairly interesting 2 months introducing a whole lot of people to playing rpgs. This is hopefully going to be a pretty small post, focusing on some of my thoughts on the process of teaching/learning rpgs (I'm writing this at 3 am, forgive me if its a little messy).

Posted by: Sam
13 Feb 2022

During December, I asked patrons if they wanted to throw me some questions, especially pretty specific to games that I've published or perhaps know well enough to say anything about. The idea was to collect a few and make a little video response, to be posted and discussed at the Patreon.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Feb 2022

So I had the chance to play the Pool with a couple of excellent roleplayers this past weekend, and it helped spark some thoughts for me. Let me describe a particular moment from the game, and then how I applied a lesson from it to a wider context.

Posted by: Dreamofpeace
08 Feb 2022