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Eric and I played Mars Colony. We hadn't ever played anything together; we set the game up on the Adept Play discord. I played the Savior Kelly Perkins, and Eric played the Governor role.

I've played Mars Colony once before, about a decade ago, at a convention. My memory of that game is dim, but I recall play being more difficult than I expected from reading the text.

Posted by: Hans
01 Aug 2021
Games: Mars Colony

Science fiction is a vast squishy thing spread throughout all sorts of media and culture/subculture. Got it. I wanted to examine its content in two pretty-specialized media: mainstream television series and table-top role-playing. You’ll see three dialogues: first with Ángel, then Ivan, and finally Moreno. I’m first to admit, the result is a mess: not much more than dialogue, spitballing, trying to stay on track, with a couple of difficult variables in play.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
23 Apr 2018

The two guys from the "Insert Quest Here" podcast recently played and recorded their game of Mars Colony. They're from Australia, and so all the political parties are based on the Australian divisions, but getting a taste of foreign politics always makes it more interesting for me. Perhaps for you too?

Posted by: Tim C Koppang
16 Apr 2018
Games: Mars Colony
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Here's the follow-up to the earlier post in which Jason D'Angelo talked about my little diagramming habit. I'd planned to get this content into the comments there, but the games are so interesting and the diagrams are - I think - illuminating enough to merit their own presentation.

I'll also emphasize the point I make toward the end, that each game's diagram differs from the others in terms of what the rules refer to. That's a big deal.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
10 Apr 2018
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I've been drawing these things for years. I've rarely discussed them publicly for a couple reasons, but busted one out for my Understanding the Pool seminar, and got to thinking about them again.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
21 Jan 2018