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 Here's the first consulting session with BPG, author of Directions Storyplaying System, of two sessions we've done which includes a pretty detailed amount of "let's play" across two of them. I found working with this system simultaneously with Tales of Entropy to be a little challenging, as they share the rhetorical philosophy of design and play, but fortunately they turn out to be rather different.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
17 Feb 2018

Hello all.

The video you find here is the raw online footage of a game of Malandros, designed by Tom McGrenery (thanks for the link, Tom!). Tom himself is hosting the game, which was part of Gauntlet Con 2017. This raw version is the complete game session, entitled Another Day in Rio. Click on the video window to run it.

Posted by: PedroPereira
04 Feb 2018
Games: Malandros
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