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I did three solo-play sessions of Ironsworn. The audio is here, but be warned that no editing has been done; thinking silences are preserved as well as physical and mental coughing and hitching.

Posted by: Hans
15 Nov 2022
Games: Ironsworn

I had no idea what kind of character I wanted to make for a solo Ironsworn game, so I left as much of it as I could up to the oracles. The result was Myrick of Lostwater, a guy who was both relaxed and hostile somehow.

Posted by: Mike Olson
20 Feb 2022
Games: Ironsworn

If you were following the development of Champions Now a while ago, you may remember the memorable game played at the Gauntlet which I adapted into the examples in the game text (Values and family, not necessarily family values).

Posted by: Ron Edwards
16 Jun 2021

I saw a Twitch stream about Ironsworn early this year or late last year and I was intrigued enought to want to try it out. The PDFs are free to download, which is amazing considering how much work the author put into the game. So far I like it enough that I would buy a hard copy and I may do that in the future.

Posted by: Sean_RDP
28 Jul 2020
Games: Ironsworn