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Jerry's moved into a new design phase for Godsend Agenda, and it's time to play some more. This time, Kieran is GMing for Renee, Jerry, and me, and he provided our group concept as well: a weird old society in a broken-down town in coastal New England, which has recently recruited the three of us, who have a shared history battling some of the nefarious bastards who litter the lifelines of character creation in the game.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
22 Aug 2021
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Here's a blessed event insofar as I can finally talk about role-playing content and procedures that are ordinarily kicked down the road. For me, Adept Play is a rousing success insofar as ideas can be introduced and resolved enough so that "next ideas" can actually be addressed, and I don't have to spray down the entry point with fire-extinguisher foam or, for that matter, disinfectant.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
07 Jan 2021

Part of hobby mythology concerns role-playing's origins as bringing tighter focus into table-top wargaming, such that within this or that battalion, or aboard this or that vehicle, the group can look closer and see Sergeant Bob or whoever running around, being a character, having opinions, and doing things.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
24 Nov 2020

The super-powered young (and not-so-young) godlings are now in action.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
02 Nov 2020

Similar to my consult with Jared, I wonder whether Jerry and I are even comprehensible to a third-party listener. I know it'll be entertaining; we've known each other for almost twenty years, trading thoughts about life et cetera. I kept laughing out loud while editing. However, he's published big, beautiful games (Atlantis, Hellas), managing money and production in ways I can't imagine or do.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
13 Sep 2020