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Worth Remembering

In 2013 I was getting divorced.  I’d hurt someone I loved very much, and it blew up a lot of ideas I had about myself.  One night in the middle of that emotional car wreck, I called my friend Tavis for advice.  He was the only divorced guy I knew well enough to talk to about this stuff, and also a Dungeon Master.  

Posted by: James_Nostack
10 Nov 2022

Today, at the discord, I express my curiosity about why Moldvay Basic D&D catalyzed so much the attention today, instead of Mentzer’s BECMI or Holmes’s D&D. Ron recommended checking this with Sean who has the experience of the presence of Moldvay’s version.

Posted by: Greg
28 Oct 2022

So I had the chance to play the Pool with a couple of excellent roleplayers this past weekend, and it helped spark some thoughts for me. Let me describe a particular moment from the game, and then how I applied a lesson from it to a wider context.

Posted by: Dreamofpeace
08 Feb 2022

Peluutin Palavaa pyörää (Burning wheel) joskus kauan sitten. Minun piti kertoa pelaajille (taustaa perinteisissä roolipeleissä ja D&D:ssä ja ehkäpä Menneisyyden varjojen kanssa) hahmonluonnista.

Posted by: Tommi
14 Jan 2021

I have been thinking a bit about situations and Situations of later as well as trying to determine the Stress point for players and perhaps for the game runners too. I had the opportunity to sit down with my 6yo and play through some make-believe of her devising and it brought to light some perspective on these questions. I would not say answered them, but definitely gave perspective. 

Posted by: Sean_RDP
25 May 2020

Sometimes people email me with questions. Since I don't know them, and don't know the (sometimes) complicated process that led to them deciding to ask, I have to ask dense-seeming questions back in order to know what they're talking about before I can answer anything, or know if I can answer at all.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
23 Oct 2019