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With Easter convention (GothCon XLIV) cancelled I found myself celebrating Easter with my family for the first time. Let that sink in for a while. Me and my Maria have lived together since 1994... and never celebrated Easter together. We have two kids (12 and 16 years old) ... and never celebrated Easter together.

Posted by: Ulf Bengtsson
16 Apr 2020
Games: 13th Age

I like those diagrams so much that I feel lonely about it, and I was getting so irritated with being too personally talky during labs. that I was pleased to find the solution to both. "Bring your own," I said, and led a little curriculum through making them.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
21 May 2018

Finding D&D, part 4! This one is scaring me. Remember how I warned that the one about fundamentalism and the OSR wouldn't be insulting? I fear this one can't say the same, and even if it doesn't go too far, I know it's going to gore a lot of oxen.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
05 Apr 2018