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S/Lay w/Me

My from-the-heart phantasmagoric fantasy game

How I wrote it
My description of creating and publishing the game: [S/Lay w/Me] Wham Bam.
The companion essay, written simultaneously and in thematic tandem: Naked Went the Gamer.
The games which inspired my desire to write a two-player game: Sweet Agatha and Mars Colony. See also Ghost/Echo for my main stylistic/presentation influence.

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New: Art & Play Gallery

Nominated for Indie Awards, 2009: Indie Game of the Year, Most Innovative Game of the Year (didn’t win either)

Second printing changes
You can tell if you have the second printing by looking at the indicia page, where it says so near the top. The changes are:

1. Correcting Adam Black’s URL reference to his site, Monsters and Nekkid Ladies.
2. Adding three more options to the “I am” list on page 5: I am the child of a demon and heir to its power, but I am beautiful and good / My songs are beloved wherever I go, but I fear they sow doom and horror in my wake / I slew men to win my freedom, but never again
3. Adding promotional quotes to the back cover:
“S/Lay has become my go-to ‘let’s play a game’ game.” Ben Lehman, TAO Games, author of Polaris
“I believe it may be the single finest Northwest Smith RPG imaginable.” Ken Hite, Out of the Box
“Overall, great game. Loved it.” Gregor Hutton, BoxNinja, author of Best Friends and 3:16

Vorpal Dice

Play reports
[S/Lay w/Me] The back-story and earliest playtesting (playtest)
[S/Lay w/Me] the Lover and the liquids (playtest)
S/lay W/Me] The Lion, the Wretch, and the Woman (playtest through finalized rules)

Published rules
S/lay w/Me as the essence of role-playing
The beast in the glacier
[S/Lay w/Me] The Tome of Mechanical Wonders and [S/Lay w/Me] O’er Plains of Ice the Sky-Ship Sails
[S/Lw/m] Anthological Questions and Observations
[S/Lay w/Me] actual play – Asad at the Monastery
Slay With Me: 1st Game
S/lay w/me: flat-out, hands-down genius
[S/Lay w/Me] Sæhrókr and the Elixir of the Undying and [Microscope][S/Lay w/Me] Strong and then No Authority
[S/Lay w/Me AP] The troglodyte realm where mushrooms are the source of life and death and Troy and Boulet, the actual PBP of the game
[S/Lay w/Me] The raven-haired beauty of song
[S/lay w/Me] The corpse-strewn battlefield and the last place of worship of the first god
Bite-Sized AP: January 2011
[S/lay w/ Me] AP & Discussion
At the precipice of hell

Other Twosie games, or nearly so
Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon, Sweet Agatha, Tales of the Fisherman’s Wife (best with two, I think), Mars Colony, Showdown, Ghost Dog, Clover (potentially), Thy Vernal Chieftains (potentially), Beast Hunters, Kazekami Kyoko Kills Kublai Khan, and Cold Soldier