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Adept Press

My games are currently available only in PDF. The following links go straight to the “buy” page at a little site called the Un-Store, with Paypal links from there.

All listed prices include VAT (25%). Check currency exchange rates for Swedish kronor.

All of the games are currently in design revision for European print and publishing.


Sorcerer PDF 187,50 SEK

Sorcerer & Sword (small)

Sorcerer: Swor1d, Soul, & Sex PDF 187,50 SEK

Circle of Hands PDF 187,50 SEK

Trollbabe PDF 125 SEK

Buy S/Lay w/Me

S/Lay w/Me PDF:62,50 SEK


Elfs PDF: 62,50 SEK

Buy It Was a Mutual Decision

It Was a Mutual Decision PDF 62,50 SEK

Buy Shahida

Shahida PDF 125 SEK

Buy Spione

Spione PDF: 125 SEK
Spione PDF in German: 125 SEK


Book orders require the customer to pay shipping costs. PDF orders are fulfilled manually and are subject to minor delays.