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Adept Play game publications

My games are currently available only in PDF. The following links go straight to the purchase pages at PayHip.

All listed prices include VAT (25%). Check currency exchange rates for Swedish kronor.

All of the games are currently in design revision for European print and publishing.


Sorcerer PDF 187,50 SEK

Sorcerer & Sword (small)

Sorcerer: Sword, Soul, & Sex PDF 187,50 SEK

Circle of Hands PDF 187,50 SEK

Trollbabe PDF 125 SEK

Buy S/Lay w/Me

S/Lay w/Me PDF 62,50 SEK


Elfs PDF 62,50 SEK

Buy It Was a Mutual Decision

It Was a Mutual Decision PDF 62,50 SEK

Buy Shahida

Shahida PDF 125 SEK

Buy Spione

Spione PDF 125 SEK
Spione PDF in German 125 SEK


Book orders require the customer to pay shipping costs. PDF orders are fulfilled manually and are subject to minor delays.