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Here's where I post about my current role-playing game design consulting, with the permission of the clients. Sometimes it's a text piece, sometimes it's video or audio. Sometimes it's a discussion, and sometimes it's a playtesting session.

I do not insert my own design, writing, or editing into others' games. I engage with your goals and your aesthetic priorities to help you see your way through the questions or struggles you may have, to provide new information or perspectives, to play a little bit, to listen, and to ask the tough questions. Check out any of the posts and videos to see how it goes, and whether you'd like it.

  • If you want to become a client, please click on the "Come into the Lab" link to contact me for initial discussion.
  • If we agree it's a good fit, then the fee is 1000 SEK + VAT (250 SEK) for three sessions.


The absolutely nascent stage of game design sometimes isn't any different from how you found yourself spinning some feature of some other game you happened to be playing. One may even "know" that hey, wherever I go with this will be something different, even when still thinking so closely to the primary experience that it's pretty much the same as tweaking it at the table.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
25 Jan 2018