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Actual Play

This is where we do what we do! We celebrate our experiences with table-top role-playing games. Here are the ones I'm playing right now:

What are you playing? What do you see when you read the posts here? Comment at any post you like, or use the big green Start a Topic button at the top right of this page. People often include video or audio recordings of play, but text-only is fine too. Please feel free to attach documents, like maps or character sheets or brief sections of the rules you're using.

I trust you to work out how you want to talk about your games: just for fun, sharing & comparison, critique, or whatever. Please check out my best-practices manual for suggestions, but it's really flexible.

If you already do a podcast or other actual-play series, live or not, please consider yourself invited to embed a link as a topic.

For games in design, i.e., playtesting - yes, go right ahead, that's welcome too. For consulting sessions with me, which is different, see the Consulting page.


This is about a Monster Hearts game that caused me to quit my group. Although I’m using the actual play to try and have a clearer look at what’s fun about this activity and why it’s confusing to talk about


Posted by: Alexander White
21 May 2020
Games: Monsterhearts

This was taken from a comment about my views on Glorantha.


Posted by: Alexander White
20 May 2020
Games: Melodrama

For anyone who's wondered what happened to the Spelens Hus RuneQuest game, I'm here at last to tell you that we have played our fourteenth session, which means five more for you to see. We shifted to screen play for safety purposes, and the editing is pretty hard core, so I'll be adding episodes to the playlist and commenting here for a while to notify you.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
14 May 2020
Games: RuneQuest

I've just had a session of Champions Now where a villain was knocked to 0 knockout. The players, being in control of the field for the moment, just blasted him a second time to ensure he did not wake up. Is that kosher by the rules? How is the rules about recovering the first time but not the second supposed to play out? It seems one can only really take advantage of the first waking up if your opponents are distracted. How does it play in your games?

Posted by: AlanRB
13 May 2020
Games: Champions Now

After an abortive attempt or two that went off the rails due to trying to build a 4/5e character, I think I got my eyeballs recallibrated enough to make a credible first cut at a CN character as it was intended.  I'm posting it here to get feedback, especially on remaining 4e/5e assumptions that may be leading me off the rails.  This isn't precisely actual play yet, but it's intended as a pregen for an experimental "hello, Champions Now" game and, perhaps

Posted by: laurence
12 May 2020

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a playtest of Paul Czege's "Traverser." In the game you are science fiction women soldiers, after the war, trying to integrate back into a new, post-capitalist society. You have quantum (time travel) powers, but using them erases or messes up important parts of your past.

Posted by: Tor Erickson
10 May 2020

Hi all, here’s a link to a session in the Trollbabe game I’ve been playing with Adept Play stalwart Robbie and his daughter Lara. I had a lot of artistic involvement with Trollbabe in the early days, but never managed to play it successfully oh so many years ago, so to finally get it off the ground is really satisfying. It’s turned into a bit of a project, as you’ll see.

Posted by: Rod_A
03 May 2020
Games: Trollbabe

Here is the Sorcerer game Day of the Dupes first session. In a previous session after creation, we played the bind as flashbacks. I planed this game a few months ago so I had to remember things about their characters, but they really decided everytghing. First, I discussed about the expectations of the game. I explained that I prepped too much and I should not give the impression that there’s an adventure to follow, or a complex backstory to unveil, but that we are just playing our characters and following the direct consequences of their actions. There will be weird things happenings, cliffhangers, but only because the NPC that appears in the game will have their story, not because the GM is trying to send messages about the adventure. The main issue arising from this actual play is scene framing, in which I struggle while understanding why during the game, and how I used the r-map as a source of interesting informations.

Posted by: Greg
28 Apr 2020

For the past year and a half, I’ve been running a meetup group in my town for roleplaying games. Every few weeks, we run one-shot events intended to be accessible for new players. I’ve introduced a few people to roleplaying games, and many people to indie games.

Posted by: badspeler
25 Apr 2020

This is a post of pure enthusiasm for our most recent Circle of Hands session, which had one of the most epic and just plain metal conclusions I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s Venture two, the players are my wife and two of our sons (18 and 16) and they’re already very much Into It.

Posted by: Gethyn
20 Apr 2020