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Actual Play

This is where we do what we do! We celebrate our experiences with table-top role-playing games. Here are the ones I'm playing right now:

What are you playing? What do you see when you read the posts here? Comment at any post you like, or use the big green Start a Topic button at the top right of this page. People often include video or audio recordings of play, but text-only is fine too. Please feel free to attach documents, like maps or character sheets or brief sections of the rules you're using.

I trust you to work out how you want to talk about your games: just for fun, sharing & comparison, critique, or whatever. Please check out my best-practices manual for suggestions, but it's really flexible.

If you already do a podcast or other actual-play series, live or not, please consider yourself invited to embed a link as a topic.

For games in design, i.e., playtesting - yes, go right ahead, that's welcome too. For consulting sessions with me, which is different, see the Consulting page.


I have mentioned before that I like to run convention games and do so several times a year.

Posted by: Sean_RDP
05 Apr 2022
Games: BRP, Pendragon

It was good to play out the consequences of actions that the players had initiated in the previous session.

And to step back from crowding out player decisions with a blast of content from myself.

Posted by: Erik Weissengruber
03 Apr 2022
Games: Bushido

After a few months on hiatus my D&D 5e group started out into the uncharted territory of Tier 3 play (levels beyond 10). They’re traveling to a cave that will allow them passage through the mountains to a desert land beyond. For context I prepare travel portions of the game by doing two things:

Posted by: Jesse Burneko
01 Apr 2022

We had our first moment of "everyone looks quite confused at the rules" playing RQ/Mythras.

Posted by: LorenzoC
01 Apr 2022

I’m excited to share an actual play video of Planetary Convulsionary Evolutionary Dungeons & Dragons 4e, a take on the game totally inspired by Ron’s Barbaric Cataclysmic 4e. The doc I provided to my fellow players before we commenced is attached.

Posted by: noah
23 Mar 2022

This is prompted by both Sam's "Late Night Post on New Players" and Ron's "Back then, sonny, let me tell you". Also everything at Adept Play since oh, November of last year, when I started seeing great stuff that made me think, but the rest of life seemed to keep me from engaging.

Posted by: Gordon C
22 Mar 2022

Here's a pitch (one pager) I'm drafting for an upcoming gaming retreat.  If players join me, we'll run 3 sessions over a weekend. I'd love some feedback before I finalize the pitch.

Caligula’s Game

Neos Helios, “the new sun”,  the One King and One God, Jupiter on Earth, Divine Kindly Prince, Gaius Caligula has cheated Life by Pacting with Death and reigns in Exile as Necrolord Supreme!

Posted by: Johana Bearden
22 Mar 2022

My duet buddy and I played a climactic, explosive 14th session of Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha over the weekend, and I just had to share. I’m going to keep this as brief as possible (ha, I know, I know), but to get you to the scene I want to talk about you’re going to need some context about where the characters are since we left them last:

Posted by: noah
21 Mar 2022

This game of The Pool began with the peace conference as presented at Galactic peace Pool, in which the player-characters were various aliens conceived by the players: the Avix, the Murkcap, and the Hive. That was four sessions. We decided to continue playing by focusing on each of those alien species to see what happened among them after the conference.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
19 Mar 2022
Games: The Pool

This is my most recent experiment in playing a system in pure referee-style, six three-hour sessions of Knave in the famous B/X module Keep of the Borderlands by Gary Gygax. Previously, I attempted forty hours of a 5e West Marches Campaign which was a mixed experience. My sense of “referee style” is to stick adamantly to the module’s direction for game elements and its implicit notions of what is and isn’t possible.

Posted by: badspeler
17 Mar 2022
Games: D&D Basic