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Actual Play

This is where we do what we do! We celebrate our experiences with table-top role-playing games. Here are the ones I'm playing right now:

This is not a play-at or streaming site - it's for discussion of what we're already doing. People often include video or audio recordings, but text-only is fine too. You can also attach documents, like maps or character sheets or brief sections of the rules you're using.

I trust you to work out how you want to talk about your games: just for fun, sharing & comparison, critique, or whatever. Please check out my best-practices manual for suggestions, but it's really flexible.

If you already do a podcast or other actual-play series, live or not, please consider yourself invited to embed a link as a topic.

For games in design, i.e., playtesting - yes, go right ahead, that's welcome too. For consulting sessions with me, which is different, see the Consulting page.


We started a Worlds Without Number (WWN) game, playing in-person.

Posted by: Hans
14 Aug 2021

In addition to my long running D&D game I am also running a Burning Wheel game. The game is heavily influenced by the Netflix animated series Castlevania. I have absolutely no love or even knowledge of the video game series the show is based on and had been largely ignoring it. When I decided to check it out, I was delighted to discover that it’s a beautiful and brutal Gothic swords & sorcery fantasy series.

Posted by: Jesse Burneko
13 Aug 2021
Games: Burning Wheel

I have been using HW to run a fantastical & high-powered Glorantha game. I have been ruminating about how to treat failures. I tried to start a discussion about Simple Contests for HW/HQ but ended up doing a lot of reflection on a play episode and set out some best practices for myself. Hopefully others will find these useful for their own play.

Posted by: Erik Weissengruber
09 Aug 2021

A figure chess rules system is one where the combatants take turns and during their turn they typically move and do some other stuff. There might be squares or hexes or one might do without. There are a few situations where most of them break down, with dynamic movement being the most glaring. My interest is in solutions that make these things work in a figure chess context, and different cases where the break-downs happen.

D&D 3,5 with Sean and Helma

Posted by: Tommi
07 Aug 2021

I've been having trouble finding enough people interested in my sci-fi game to playtest it, but a combination of my regular D&D game being on hiatus and some friends expressing interest in a zombie game, led to my being able to take another project of mine, Zombies & Trucks, out for a spin. Here's what happened.

Posted by: Dreamofpeace
06 Aug 2021

So this post relates to two things that we've been discussing here recently. One is the discussion I had with Lorenzo in his post about using random personality traits in his game (here). Another is this comment from Ron in a previous Hantverksklubben discussion (here):

Posted by: Simon Pettersson
05 Aug 2021

A month or two ago I got interested in playing Dogs in the Vineyard because of some of the discussion here about it. I played with the same people that I played my very successful game of The Pool with after taking a couple weeks break from playing when that game ended.

Posted by: Sam
05 Aug 2021

The animal species in which . . . the practice of mutual aid has attained the greatest development . . . are invariably the most numerous, the most prosperous, and the most open to further progress. . . .  The unsociable species, on the contrary, are doomed to decay.

--Pyotr Kropotkin, “Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution”

“New York was always going to eat itself eventually.”
--Prometheus, issue 17

Posted by: James_Nostack
02 Aug 2021

Eric and I played Mars Colony. We hadn't ever played anything together; we set the game up on the Adept Play discord. I played the Savior Kelly Perkins, and Eric played the Governor role.

I've played Mars Colony once before, about a decade ago, at a convention. My memory of that game is dim, but I recall play being more difficult than I expected from reading the text.

Posted by: Hans
01 Aug 2021
Games: Mars Colony


... I'm Sometimes a Bit of a Troll

The Covid lockdown has allowed me to do a lot of navel-gazing and self-reflection as a human. Keeping this game related allowed me to look at my habits as a player versus my habits as a game master.

Posted by: Jerry D. Grayson
29 Jul 2021