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It's 2030, as conceived in 1994, and things like this thing are attacking Earth out of nowhere. No fear: the International Society of Enlightened Scientists has swung into action, using secret weird tech from the 1940s under no quality-control supervision at all! You play their agents on missions via the TransEgo Device as well as coping with myriad hassles back at home and HQ.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
17 Jan 2021
Games: Khaotic
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Here's our play experience with Ola's Compact Stories, which is well-timed considering our recently-concluded season of Primetime Adventures. It's a chance to perceive precisely what distinguishes his design, and for him to see what to dial down or to dial up inside it.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
01 Nov 2020

It's a good thing I reviewed my drives, because I found this game session played in March. I think it was the last time I went to Spelens Hus physically before shifting to screen play.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Sep 2020
Games: Cold Soldier

Here's our first gathering to prepare for Primetime Adventures, a game whose title will invoke more blithering, partisanship, and sprayed terminology than any other I can think of. Which is too bad because the actual game is quite wonderful.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
06 Sep 2020

We've packed in three more sessions! So, 17 total. The linked video goes to #15 inside the playlist, and I'll add the next as I finish editing them.

What you're seeing in these is the considerable expansion of the setting to include the northern subcontinent. We finally bring up ethnic visual topics in the 17th session, so if you're wondering about that in the first session you see here, rest assured it does not get ignored.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
17 Jun 2020

Posted by: Ron Edwards
03 Jun 2020
Games: Cosmic Zap

For anyone who's wondered what happened to the Spelens Hus RuneQuest game, I'm here at last to tell you that we have played our fourteenth session, which means five more for you to see. We shifted to screen play for safety purposes, and the editing is pretty hard core, so I'll be adding episodes to the playlist and commenting here for a while to notify you.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
14 May 2020
Games: RuneQuest

We've proceeded into a new chapter, or perhaps novella, in our Spelens Hus RuneQuest game. You'll see a couple of changes. First, that William isn't with us, as he's moved out of town, and in this case it jibes with in-play events that make most sense for Jovahn to vanish from the situation.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
12 Mar 2020
Games: RuneQuest

Nate and I met for our second and final session for The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, each of us pretty motivated for the respective “side,” in the curious fashion associated with the better examples of this genre. We began by discussing three important things.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
23 Feb 2020

Here’s a game I consider under-served. I would say “criminally” so except for the poor joke it entails, which is too bad, because yes, it’s criminal. Matt Gwinn’s The Hour Between Dog and Wolf is an excellent detective vs.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
11 Feb 2020