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Contrary to a lot of play culture right now, I'm not too invested in single-session, highly staged play. I don't mind the technique itself and have myself written some games along those lines, especially It Was a Mutual Decision, but there are so many of these at present, I find myself attracted mainly to "hey, we make up characters and play them for a long time," at least at the moment.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
13 Nov 2018

Stefano first talked with me about this game about a year and a half ago, at Modena Play. At the time, he was anxious about how it might be received, about whether or how one might be designated unsuited or ineligible for authoring such a thing, and about representation in general. Dozens of playtests later, and having weathered at least one internet storm based on exactly those things, he's not anxious any more. He's certain now - and pissed off in the very best way.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
10 Nov 2018
Games: Stonewall