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In keeping with tradition, our group will be learning, playing, and sharing our experiences with Circle of Hands via a sort of round-robin cycle of a shared campaign world of multiple GMs. In this experiment we have 3 GMs who will each create and run Ventures for our pool of Circle Knights.
Posted by: Runeslinger
23 Mar 2019


Yesterday I played Circle of Hands as GM, but I have some questions about my venture.

My dices were: Black 6, White 3, Red 6.

So it was settled in Spurr with a double elemento of Rbaja.

I chose a Splotch and a Rbaja zone, thinking about a black wizard dead who left behind a big corruption, because he had a lot of marks of Rbaja. 

So my first question is: When I have a double element, how do I say witch part of it is the lower?

Posted by: JuJu
24 Apr 2018