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When Champions was first published, most people involved in role-playing accepted, or even expected, to put in extensive effort before play. Today, plug-and-play is widely recognized as a virtue, whether justified by playing in convention situations or by citing friends who reasonably do not commit to complex nonsense before doing the thing they want to do.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
06 Aug 2018
Games: Champions Now

Hi! This is my rough-and-ready page for playtest and discussion. Here's the Alpha file if you don't have it already. You are invited to:

Posted by: Ron Edwards
14 Jul 2018

From the Champions Now! Question Outpost:

Joel DavisRon, if I understand the playtest document (plus everything you've said in your videos), the campaign is built around two premise statements:

Posted by: Joel Davis
30 Jun 2018
Games: Champions Now

This is shaping up to be a very Catholic game. Michael Solis, the Oblate, is both observant as a person and basically owned by St. Mary's College of Law as a auperhero, in association with the Oblate School of Theology. Finn Walsh, or Crawl, is not religious but his family is Irish Catholic as well as career U.S. military. And our third player's character, who shows up in session 2, is another Irish Catholic, created independently; more about him next time.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
15 Jun 2018
Games: Champions Now

Hello to backers and to interested parties! Here's a place for asking questions and sharing notions about Champions Now, in Kickstarter crazy stage at the time of this posting.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
01 Jun 2018
Games: Champions