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I'd provide the two character-sheet diagrams I examined while preparing for play, but they are both the same: about 80% of the items on each one was now slammed into the center, including new ones that had been acquired from each other's sheet.

In other words, both sorcerers (Ahmet and Ingmar), their demons (Solomon and Odd John), the crucial designs of the tattoos and runes from the ruins, the murder victims (Mehmet and Julia)

Posted by: Ron Edwards
26 Oct 2018
Games: Sorcerer

It may not appear in every Sorcerer game, but if you have to bet on what's in one, you won't go too far wrong with tattoos. In this case, due to the emergent Nordic Noir in our pets + ancient ruins opening statements, it's tattooed dead people. And apparently, tattooed dead people getting up and walking out of morgues.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
17 Oct 2018
Games: Sorcerer

"Demon pets," I told them, and "Ancient cities." After this meeting, we're starting up with one sorcerer maximizing the first and the other maximizing the second, and with a fine mix of the components in this post's title.

This is Sorcerer, with me, Pedro, and Aybars. There is an almost physical impression of commitment among us.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
25 Sep 2018