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The following text was taken from the forum "La Locanda del Gdr" and translated from Italian using Deepl:

Posted by: Karaburan
01 Oct 2021
Games: S/Lay w/Me
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This is the first of a series of two posts related to PbtA games that I wanted to post here on Adept Play after some discussion with Ron in the Adept Play Discord server. There has been some negative discussion and criticism of this family of games (which are, really, all standalone games sharing some vocabulary and a vague design philosophy, and declared inspiration from Apocalypse World).

Posted by: FroggyC
25 May 2020
Games: Dungeon World

In keeping with tradition, our group will be learning, playing, and sharing our experiences with Circle of Hands via a sort of round-robin cycle of a shared campaign world of multiple GMs. In this experiment we have 3 GMs who will each create and run Ventures for our pool of Circle Knights.
Posted by: Runeslinger
23 Mar 2019


Yesterday I played Circle of Hands as GM, but I have some questions about my venture.

My dices were: Black 6, White 3, Red 6.

So it was settled in Spurr with a double elemento of Rbaja.

I chose a Splotch and a Rbaja zone, thinking about a black wizard dead who left behind a big corruption, because he had a lot of marks of Rbaja. 

So my first question is: When I have a double element, how do I say witch part of it is the lower?

Posted by: JuJu
24 Apr 2018