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Design Curriculum: Structure

Here's the second session with Justin Nichols as I test my current notions of a Design Curriculum upon him. Last time, we talked about the desireable "reward" cycle of excitement, engagement with the procedures, and inspiration. This time it's about a particular structural rubric you can find attached to this post.

The rubric itself carries the useful point that two games "about X" don't have to have the same structure, and two games with the same structure can be about completely different "X's." But more importantly, it sets up for two crucial "why" questions, which then permits us to go all the way back to the first diagram and talk about what kinds of procedures will serve the reward cycle, and cross-reference those with the structure.

As usual, you can see here that getting this far means the creator cannot help but start thinking productively about the nitty-gritty mechanics now, and I let us indulge in that for a few minutes at the end before reining it in. Because that's going to require a couple of diagrams and notions of its own, which begins in Part 3.

PDF icon Design Structure.pdf