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Conversation: Humanity and morality in design

A conversation with Jonathan Tweet!

I hope I do not bore anyone by repeating myself about the influence of Over the Edge upon me in role-playing, both in helping me return to enthusiastic play from a doldrums period and in providing me with a fresh view toward design. The DNA of Sorcerer lies back in The Fantasy Trip and in first-generation Champions, but its physiology did not take shape until Over the Edge came along.

We met in 2000 and I was amazed to find that he was already familiar with Sorcerer - it's been a great pleasure through the years since.

Anyway, OTE has just funded for a dream/new version via Kickstarter, and in the course of discussions, Jonathan mentioned some back-and-forth mutual inspiration:

Traditionally in RPGs, being honorable was a "psychological limitation", a "weaknes" that gave you more "points" to make your character strong in another way. Ron said that if a character was honorable, it meant that the character's honor would be a theme in the campaign. Whether the character ended up acting honorably at a personal cost or they betrayed their honorable principles to achieve some other goal, the character's honor was part of their story. This approach to character traits directly informed the question mark characteristic in Over the Edge.

We went on to a recorded conversation about that! It would be perfect except for a little techno-hassle; Jonathan's visual cut out in the middle, but he comes back later.

Here's the G+ collection with lots of commentary, including the post which led me to ask Jonathan for this conversation, and here's where you can pre-order the game.

So much to discuss - I'm looking forward to your thoughts in the comments.