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This is a site about table-top role-playing. The purpose is simply to talk about the games we play - what titles we're using, how the procedures work, what happens in-game or fictionally - in a certain way.

The "certain way" isn't special, but it's hard to find on the internet. You bring whatever you're doing, and it'll be received with respect, thought, and critique.

It's not social media. There are no likes or pluses, there are no interpersonal ties or associations, there's no private messaging, and there's no upvoting. Nor is access restricted; everything is available and readable to everyone. You can find anything through the search and tag functions.


I have two easy rules for posting and commenting here.

  • You need to be courteous, as in real-world actual courteous, not fake-internet; and you need to do your best to make sense


Do these, and both of them are coming back tenfold. Don't show up defensive or looking for a fight. Be open to what others may see or find in what you're presenting.

For the painstaking detailed version of the etiquette and my role as moderator, see the link at the bottom of the sidebar.

The money

All posting is free to do and free to view & read. No paywall for content. You can create an account for free through the Join button at the top of the page, which permits you to comment anywhere and to post your own stuff at Actual Play, when you're logged in.

  • I run seminars Monday evenings (GMT+1) using Discord. Any level of pledge at the Patreon is invited to join in.

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20 Oct 2018