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The Whispering Vault is a special game for me, as, along with Over the Edge, it significantly influenced me to shift into role-playing design at all and, more so than OtE, provided crucial play-experience during the creation of Sorcerer. I like to describe it as the 1990s' best unknown horror game, and better than most picks for the known ones.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
20 Sep 2019

The mystic world heard my cry, evidently, and has delivered a glowy burst of conversations about what dice do, especially when rolled in profusion. This time I have the pleasure of talking with Ben Milton, in an almost completely unconstructed, non-interview-like chat just because we like these dice things.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
27 Mar 2019

Psychopomp is another of the many initial/proto game designs that Justin is musing over and playtesting, and he wanted to make sure it got into the scorching too. I had to think pretty hard about how to go into it, because it fits so strongly into a particular aesthetic and an existing set of variables, that I couldn't see any way to address it "on its own." So I took a risk, setting the whole conversation as a series of comparisons with existing games.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
03 Mar 2019