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Zac has not retreated from his call that IIEE (intent, initiation, execution, effect) is the "beating heart of the activity," and Manu - the very soul who prompted this discussion at the Forge fifteen years ago - is still on task. Armed with these stalwarts, we embark upon another Monday Lab to investigate best practices.

Zac began it with this message:

Posted by: Ron Edwards
13 Dec 2019

I'd been feeling like playing The Clay That Woke for a while, so I took it to Spelens Hus. It's also Nate's fault. I hadn't planned to attend that week, but as it happened, several people showed up hoping I'd be there, so I got a message. I answered back with "traditional or weird?" and Nate said "weird," so this is what I grabbed.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
28 Nov 2019

Hey! Alex cleverly informed Paul and me that he wanted to do an interview after we were trapped in the back seat on the way to Lucca from our apartment (in Viareggio? one of those coastal towns). I can now boast that I was able to unburden my soul to a geisha! Because cosplayers count.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
13 Nov 2018