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Champions Now Playtest Center

Hi! This is my rough-and-ready page for playtest and discussion. Here's the Alpha file if you don't have it already. You are invited to:

  • Post about play experiences at Actual Play, and comment freely at any posts there. I'm recording and presenting plenty of my playtesting and welcome your viewing.
  • Comment at my blog, Comics Madness, where I'll be posting most of my design thoughts.
  • Contact me via the form at the top of this website, for direct dialogue and possible play with me.

Please do not provide any grammar or clarity editing or suggestions for the Alpha file. It is not clear or complete. This is game design, not product development, so all attention to that will come later. It's not what I need you for.

What I need you for is play. Set up a game, make characters, play. There are plenty of things which are left to you, e.g., your preferred mix of mapped and unmapped action, or what standards you may have for ethics. For those and anything else that doesn't seem "there" for you in the document, just do it the way you like and carry on.

A lot of things won't work. Find out what they are and say so - I don't need suggestions, but instead, I need descriptions of what happened at your table. Things are going to grind, and sometimes grind hard. I'm asking you to enter into it fully aware of that, and not to take out frustration on me or anyone else.