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For physical books, the links go straight to the “buy” page at Publishers Graphics, where the books are printed in response to orders and shipped directly from there. Buying a physical book also includes the PDF – if you want it, please contact me directly after placing your order with the printer.

The PDF-only links go straight to the “buy” page at the Un-Store, with Paypal links from there.



Annotated edition, 290 pp softcover: $25
Sorcerer PDF $15

Sorcerer & Sword (small)

Sorcerer: Sword, Soul, & Sex
Soft-cover book, 333 pp: $25
Sorcerer: Sword, Soul, & Sex PDF $15

Circle of Hands
Soft-cover book, full-size 216 pp: $30
Circle of Hands PDF $15

Soft-cover book, 128 pp: $25
Trollbabe PDF $10

Buy S/Lay w/Me

S/Lay w/Me
28 page stapled booklet: $10
S/Lay w/Me PDF: $5


Soft-cover book, 100 pp: $15
Elfs PDF: $5

Buy It Was a Mutual Decision

It Was a Mutual Decision
Softcover, 75 pp: $15
It Was a Mutual Decision PDF $5

Buy Shahida

Soft-cover book, 284 pp: $25
Shahida PDF $10

Buy Spione

Soft-cover book, 244 pp: $25
Spione PDF: $10
Spione PDF in German: $10

Supervillain You PDF

Book orders require the customer to pay shipping costs. PDF orders are fulfilled manually and are subject to minor delays.