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The Göteborg Depths

Here is Ola's portrait of the Kosmonaut, his hero in our Champions Now game set in Göteborg (Gothenburg) in Sweden. The other hero is Havsmannen ("man of the sea") played by Ulf.

We began with a very exploratory chat about the game and its design, as at least one person had little interest in any system where you waited for your turn to act and tracked some kind of fatigue in little points. I've preserved only a small part of that discussion in the video presentation, but I think you will clearly see the transition from polite tolerance to rabid enthusiasm.

I am extremely into this game and have gone a little berserk with the emergent properties that arose from their separate character creation results. I talk about it in my framing videos for the sessions, so I won't go into those here, but so you know, the initial framing statements were:

  • Powers reach into outer space and the inner space.
  • The greater good and the greater evil - which is which?

Things have been rather trippy at the game table for a couple of months, including this game, the current events in the ongoing RuneQuest game, and a session of Cosmic Zap.

Given preparation and three sessions of play to see here (I'm editing the third and will add it soon), there's an immense field of discussion topics and game system questions, or at least I think so. But perhaps more importantly, it's a great creative romp as you can see plenty of familiar tropes turned into both new, possibly actually resonant forms, and superheroic action charged with immediate entertainment value as well as drama.


Actual Play


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Added to the playlist here. Also, here is the Swedish intelligence & ops agencies summary I mention in the reflections.

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Starting within the playlist here. I mentioned including the hero sheets with this comment but I'll wait until I check with the players.

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